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Create a life you love with personalized guidance and support to help you heal from the inside out!
"It's time to put "heal" back into the word "health"!
-Karie Cassell, The "Diaita Diva"
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What a "diet" should be

The word “diet” comes from the Greek word origin diaita, which means “a way of life.”


A way of life.


Diets today hardly seem to be a way of life. Many are painstaking, temporary, and line the pockets of companies while robbing yours. While some diets can help provide a path to health, diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancers, and digestive disorders are still on the rise. Wouldn’t there be a downward trend if they worked? Many diets even come with disclaimers like “not recommended for children” or “not recommended during pregnancy,” which hardly sounds like a way of life.


The true meaning of diet needs to make a comeback. It is time to change channels and stop repeating unhealthy eating and dieting thinking. It isn’t working!  

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Challenge Your Mindset With

The Domino Diet

Like dominos, your thoughts start a chain reaction in your body that results in either a lack or wealth of health.

The Domino Diet is a simple, innovative guide to help you understand this chain reaction and take control of your health by changing the way you think.

Do You Struggle With
  • Mental, emotional, and physical burnout?

  • Chronic health conditions?

  • Self-sabotage and fear of success?

  • A life that feels out of balance or out of control?

  • Being your authentic self?

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I feel your pain. I was a dietitian that spent my days discussing nutrition, and I "walked the walk." I ran marathons and ate the right food, and for a long time I felt like the perfect role model.

Until the floor fell out from under me.

In less than six months, I had gone from peak fitness to gaining thirty pounds. My self-esteem spiraled along with everything I had built. The marathoner ran away, and my good days went with her.

I had to learn some difficult lessons, including that health is about more than nutrition. An unhappy mind will likely produce disease. A healed mind is more likely to create a healed body.  


in reverse

Like aging

You deserve more!

You deserve more than low energy, poor health, and dissatisfaction.

The bad news is that no one is exempted from misfortune. Divorce, death, loss of a job or loved one, or a scary medical diagnosis can significantly impact your emotional state and make your life feel unbalanced.


The good news is that you CAN do something about it!
You can 
enjoy a wealth of health! 

With the Domino Diet, you can take control of your health and change the way you think. Mind, spirit and body are all connected and intended to work in harmony. As you take a holistic approach to healing, you'll be amazed at the changes you can create!


Previous clients have told me they feel a new lease on life, almost as if they are reversing the effects of aging

What could you accomplish if you allowed yourself to create "diaita" - a new way of life?

As a registered dietician with more than 30 years of experience and a certified life coach, I’m here to help you break free from negative thought patterns that affect your health, happiness, and success.


My mission is to help you feel fabulous again. I'll walk with you and give you the knowledge and support you need to heal from the inside out, acknowledging past pain while building a strong foundation for the future.


As you pursue the path to peace, light, and joy, you'll produce wealth in all areas of your life.


Book an appointment now and take the first step towards a wealth of health and a life you love!

Put the Heal Back in Health

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Karie not only helped me see what I wanted in life, but she truly coached me to manifest those dreams. My life has changed drastically since working with Karie. Her knowledge and motivation helped me to stay on track with my goals and see life through a different, clearer lens. Since being coached by Karie, I have seen everything in my life start to fall into place, and I was able to purchase my dream property! If you are serious about taking control of your own life and creating the life you have always dreamed of, Karie is your coach!”


—  Shannon Hinks, Grande Prairie, Alberta